Sunday, April 01, 2007

No Foolin!!

Wacky Races has been immortalized by people at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and every year for the past few years, they have introduced new cars into their annual show. not sure what is going to show up this year but here is a sample of what has already been produced..they are brilliant!
Pat Pending in his Convert-A-Car above

The Army Surplus Special with Sargeant Blast and Private Meekley above

The Compact Pussycat, Penelope Pitstops car, for some reason driven by Blubber Bear who should be with the below person...

The Arkansas Chug-a-Bug driven by Lazy Luke and inexplicably passengered by Slag from the Boulder Bros. - aka the Gravel Bros.
Cars not seen here but produced and available to be seen on the internet (or if you asked i could post them) are:
  • Mean Machine with a great Muttley costume,

  • Boulder Mobile, and you can see one of the two costumes above with Luke, which are great BTW

  • The Creepy Coupe and both Gruesome bros. are represented

  • The Crimson Haybailor and Red Max

  • Turbo Terrific with Peter Perfect

Cars not been produced yet are:

  • Bullet Proof Bomb which carried the Ant Hill Mob

  • The Buzzwagon with Rufus Ruffcut and Sawtooth - not sure how they would do this one what with the wheels and all, but who knows.

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