Sunday, November 19, 2006

Cartoon Costumes

I'm obsessed! Something about my favorite characters transformed into a 3-Dimentional figure, always has had me obsessed. I think it started when i was a kid and watching the Brady Bunch when they visited King's Island, Greg borrows a costume to try and woo a girl...turns out he was wearing a Hair Bear Costume. HAIR BEAR?? a costume of HAIR BEAR? one of my all time favorite cartoon charactes? well this led me to seek out other Hanna-Barbera costume possibilities. i remember a few specials on TV that showed Yogi, Huck, Wally Gator, Hong Kong Phooey, Quick Draw McGraw, Jabberjaw and the Flintstones as life size costumes, but alas, i have never seen those shows again. i have some visual representation of them, sure, but what i wouldn't do to see those shows again in crystal clear DVD resolution...boy oh boy. every once in a while a grainy, poor quality clip shows up on the internet to wet my appetite; for instance the other day a clip of Scooby Doo's birthday celebration from the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade showed up with many of the aforementioned characters on a float. you could barely make out who was there, but it broaght me back to that day when i was 10 and seeing it live oh so many years ago.

For years i lived with the knowledge that many of my favorite characters had costumes made of them, and that they were mostly centered around King's Island and its sister parks around the country. recently, however i have uncovered, thanks to fellow blogger Steven Thompson and his blog, that there were in fact costumes made up of 3 of my most favorite and obscure H-B characters in their library; Funky Phantom, Mildew Wolf and Lambsey. The latter 2 characters were a part of the Catanooga Cats show and Mildew, voiced to perfection by the inimitable Paul Lynde, was one of the 2 announcers on the Laff-A-Lympics show. Here's how they became a signature at King's Island. King's Island was just getting off the ground in Ohio and realized they wanted and needed a draw for children, just like Walt Disney used his characters to enhance his park. The shows that were running in the early 70's, when this park was fully realized, were as follows; Hair Bear Bunch, Funky Phantom, Scooby Doo, Gulliver's Travels, It's the Wolf, the Banana Splits and of course the always popular stars Yogi, Fred and Barney and Huck Hound were a mainstay. Using the popular characters of the time was simply the obvious choice for KI and therefore used those characters in their quest for costumed characters. The only pic i have ever seen and am befuddled i am just finding out about this, is the one on Steven Thompson's blog showing the characters who were around during that first year. Above you can see that Mildew is there in a very close up picture of his face - it took me a long time to figure out who it was, and then it donned on me that not only was it next to Lambsey, but that smirk and those eyes were unmistakenly Mildews. Next to him is a great shot of Lambsey. I wish i knew how to find more pics of those two costumes, as well as more on the Funky Phantom. i have one very blurry one, but it is so faded, it isn't appropriate for me to show. so here they are; some pics of costumed characters from King's Island.
I have also recently uncovered pics of costumes for Captain Caveman, and Dynomutt, not to mention the Hillbilly Bears which are more obscure characters for costumes...weird choices but King's needed some to go along with their Enchanted Voyage ride which was the H-B version of "It's A Small World" complete with moving animatronic characters such as Squiddly Diddly, Banana Splits, the Hillbilly Bears and Precious Pupp. If only i had a time machine to go back in time and see this place in its glory days.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

McFarlane Toys

Did you hear the latest news coming from McFarlane Toys? Slated in the new spring batch of Hanna Barbera toys is not only Snagglepuss and Huck Hound, but freakin Great Grape Ape!!! that is fabulous news, i have to tell you. here is a pic in case you do not know who he is, and as soon as the pics of the toys surface, i will get them on here for all to see.

Friday, November 03, 2006

The 70's Ruled

At least when it came to pop culture and especially Saturday Morning Cartoons. Could Hanna Barbera have been more in tune with the pulse of the country? Any fad that was worth its salt, was made into a cartoon by H-B. The dune buggy craze of the mid 70'ss begat your favorite sputtering friend and mine, Speed Buggy, another Scooby Doo knock-off, but stylistically pleasing. Superheroes where big in the lat 70's, hence, Dynomutt and Blue Falcon, Captain Caveman (who was doubly fad-alicious with the Teen Angels, an obvious reference to Charlie's Angels) and Even Hong Kong Phooey, whose DVD set recently dropped. Remember that little movie that started a wave of space themed everything, Star Wars? from that came Yogi's Galaxy Goof-ups (above with Huck, Quack-Up and Scare Bear), Yogi's Space Race and an updated version of Space Ghost and the Herculoids who were now joined by two new teams - Teen Force and Astro and the Space Mutts. Of course none of this was new; Hanna-Barbera and even Warner Bros. back in the day, would use popular actors or live action characters to make a mint on television or in theatrical shorts. Does anyone remember the Honeymousers? obviously the Flintstones resembled in a huge way, the actual Honeymooners. Then there were the personalities of the many H-B stars such as Lippy the Lion, Hokey Wolf and Snagglepuss in example. Dare i even bring up the ridiculous toons of the 80's that were a waste of time? Rubik's the Amazing Cube, Pac-Man, Monchichi, Pound Puppies? those were lifless and when H-B really started going down hill.

Monday, October 30, 2006

One of My Favorite, but little known Characters

Jabberjaw. When i was growing up, this guy was on the verge of becoming as big as Scooby Doo. Yes, i know, it was simply a variation on the Scooby Doo genre created by Joe and Bill, (or some would say Ken Ruby and Joe Spears) but he was a wonderfully developed character with a great "Curly" from the Three Stooges attitude. As a mystery solving animal that played the drums in his band, the Neptues, Jabberjaw took up with his buddies in 1976, Biff, the Fred Jones strong man, Shelly, the persnickity hot chick with a really bad attitude, Bubbles, the...well...bubbleheaded one and theone and only Shaggy like guy, Clamhead. Jabs actually started showing up on merchandise and was the first H-B character to appear, not on a metal lunchbox, but those new fangled plastic ones. i really hope McFarlane plans to turn him into one of the amazing figures he is making of classic H-B characters, that would be a true testament to his cult popularity. here is a great pic of good old Jabby

Welcome to Hanna Barberaian

This is the place for all Hanna Barbera enthusiasts to share, discuss and revel in all things Hanna Barbera. in the coming weeks and months i hope to share my vast online collection of H-B related picturs, culled from 10 years on the web, and to discuss all manner of characters and shows. check back often and ask questions any time.