Monday, October 30, 2006

One of My Favorite, but little known Characters

Jabberjaw. When i was growing up, this guy was on the verge of becoming as big as Scooby Doo. Yes, i know, it was simply a variation on the Scooby Doo genre created by Joe and Bill, (or some would say Ken Ruby and Joe Spears) but he was a wonderfully developed character with a great "Curly" from the Three Stooges attitude. As a mystery solving animal that played the drums in his band, the Neptues, Jabberjaw took up with his buddies in 1976, Biff, the Fred Jones strong man, Shelly, the persnickity hot chick with a really bad attitude, Bubbles, the...well...bubbleheaded one and theone and only Shaggy like guy, Clamhead. Jabs actually started showing up on merchandise and was the first H-B character to appear, not on a metal lunchbox, but those new fangled plastic ones. i really hope McFarlane plans to turn him into one of the amazing figures he is making of classic H-B characters, that would be a true testament to his cult popularity. here is a great pic of good old Jabby

Welcome to Hanna Barberaian

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