Tuesday, January 09, 2007

First Joe Barbera now Iwao Takamoto

i love a lot of what Iwao and Jerry Eisenberg did at Hanna Barbera. People can scoff all they want about how cheap the animation was and crappy the shows were, you CANNOT, however, dispute that the design of the characters were really beautiful. I mean come on...a bear with an afro? Stylistically, the shows worked and still hold cult status thanks to the unbelievable character design. the same can't be said for other studies' attempts to horn in on H-B's saturday morning territory, with Filmation coming close and Ruby-Spears a little closer in the 80's, as they actually studied and worked for Hanna Barbera previously. Fine; the stories in Speed Buggy were stupid, insipid even...hell they were knock-offs of old unused Scooby Doo scripts with the names changed, but the LOOK of the series is what is still appealing about the shows. i get excited when i see these characters and even more excited when i see current artists renditions of these classics. further more, i believe that with great stories and greater, maybe even CG animation, any one of those cartoons would be hits today. the pic i posted is of the Hair Bear Bunch, one of my all time favorites. This show has actually stood the test of time and trust me i would not say that about much of what HB did, as much as i love them. The experimentation on color, design, Voice talent, camera angles, and story was one of the last great originally dealt with cartoons. Sure the title made no sense, and...well..ok it sucked ,(Help! It's the Hair Bear Bunch?!?!?!?) but it was masterfully designed and executed. BTW if you want to see amazing renditions of other peoples fantastic take on HB characters, go to deviantart.com and root around using Hanna Barbera as a key word. i have found some delicious HB treats of late.

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